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My job

My job life began at a very young age in my father’s fruit & vegetables store. They I learnt and appreciate to stay with the customers. From the beginning I had a great interest in tools and manual jobs.
My career in the wooden world began in the 90s when I worked as stand builder for trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions.
In 2001 I found a job in a well-known furniture store in Trieste where they gave me the opportunity to deal with high quality and design furniture and one of my colleagues literally taught me to be a carpenter.
For me his most important teaching was that all the problems can always be solved.

The wood

A dear friend of mine, owner of a hardware store (the shop was closed after he too young passed away) gave me as a gift a magazine for workers in the wood sector. In that papers I found an association in a Italian city next to mine whose mission was to promote the wooden works.
Immediately I contacted this association and I had the great opportunity and honor of learning from many artisans, suppliers, furniture and tools manufacturers, as well as Italian and foreign masters. I therefore dedicated myself to a whole series of courses in turning, sculpture, carving, treatment and recognition of wood species up to the point of creating my own personal style that permitted me to exhibit with the association various fair of my Region.

In 2012 I exhibited some of my works in Venice, surrounded by the magic of the city and the masterpieces of famous wood artists.

My passion

Because of some osteoarticular problems I decided not to go on with laying doors and panels and I replaced this company branch with the restoration of doors, shutters and windows and continuing to produce custom-made furniture.

Destiny wanted that one winter afternoon I went with my son to a Christmas pastry course in a well-known Bakery & Cafe chain in my town. The owner and me started to share the passion for wood and we began to collaborate. Currently I deal with the maintenance of their tables, chairs and other wooden structures and the creation of trays or other containers necessary for displaying products and serving at the tables.

These experiences and my wife’s passion for beauty and design led me to create some lines of furniture accessories, because wood is my passion because Alberto Ceppi is Wood & passions