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Since I was a child I was fascinated by manual games such as Lego and model making and even today my creations are expressions and forms of my being. Among my great passions there is also the study of history and ancient peoples and traveling, so my favorite destinations are museums, exhibitions, palaces, cathedrals and archaeological parks.

My work is the result of the combination of these hobbies with the job and study carried out on wood with the help of famous masters and artists of turning, carving and sculpture.

I am fascinated and enthusiastic about the infinite varieties of wood species that are available, for me a real playground made of colors, veins and luster.

Thanks to the study of the classical world, I decided to produce some bas-relief copies of marble sculpted in the past eras and then use these techniques also for the creation of objects of different usefulness and modern workmanship.

Among the collectibles we find hourglass-shaped mortars with pestles, they can be used for the purpose for which they were invented, but also only as a piece of furniture to please the eye and the heart of the owner. From them other furnishing accessories and small objects were born in which knots or bark are partly preserved so as not to stray from the naturalness of the material: Natural Age.

To the delight of the children, I have also created a collection of small animals made on a lathe where instead of fur or feathers we have bark, these are my Fantasy Splinters.

With exotic woods with magical colors and small Swarovski crystals, on the other hand, I created a line of jewels, especially earrings and necklaces: C’happiness jewels.

I cannot forget my Stellar Geometries, furnishing accessories used on shelves, tables or hung on the walls. In them the squaring of the circle is crossed by a “Milky Way” made with Swarovski crystals.

Another line is the Soul Wood in the kitchen which includes specially shaped cutting boards, fruit and vegetable holders, bottle holders, knives and trays, where at least two different woods are usually combined.

The work of a craftsman does not only consist in the fine completion of a piece of wood, where the value is given by the cost of the material and the hours of work, but it is above all the transposition of all his experiences, of love, of imagination, from the emotions that are transferred from his hands into the product.

When you purchase a product do not just buy an object, but you also acquire an emotion.